5 Things a Handyman Can Help You With

A handyman is more than just a "handy" man - lots of people fancy themselves DIYers (and HGTV and Pinterest don’t help!). There are a lot of things that you can easily do yourself – and lots of things you can do yourself but would certainly be easier with a little help.

Here are the top five things a handyman (like us!) can help you with:

1. “Decorative” fixes

Have a hole in the wall that needs patching and painting? Or is some of that DIY backsplash crumbling again? Maybe the deck has seen better days and needs a fresh coat of stain, or it’s time to get rid of the pink walls in the living room: a handyman can make short work of these very visible eye sores and leave things looking like new again.

2. That really annoying dripping noise

Leaky faucet? Clogged sink? Is that drip from your shower keeping you up at night? These small plumbing problems can be immensely frustrating: especially when you take apart the kitchen sink and still can’t find the leak! A handyman can easily locate the source of these bathroom or kitchen frustrations and make necessary repairs.

3. Small installations

Things like new windows, front doors, or even shower doors can add life to any house, but they can be a big pain to install yourself. It is more complicated than simply drilling things in place – proper installation can mean the difference between a facelift and a disaster.

4. Flooring
Although laminate and hardwood flooring has come a long way, it still requires precision and care to install properly. Installing it incorrectly can result in damage to the floor later down the line. As well, carpet can be deceptively difficult to both install and remove. A handyman deals with flooring regularly, and can ensure everything is installed properly.

5. Stairs and railings

Whether it is a new railing for existing stairs, or a new step to the back door, a handyman can make sure no one hurts themselves! Improperly built railings or stairs can result in injury.

before and after stair  handyman installing windows


There is no job too small for a handyman! From building Ikea furniture to installing an outdoor light, or cleaning the eaves troughs, a handyman can provide peace of mind. No more Pinterest-worthy DIY fails needed!

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